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Great news!!! Buzzmove has listed us as one of the top 50 London house removal companies in 2017.We`ve got recognition not only from our customers, but also from one of the leading removal comparison website providers. We know we are doing well, when all our customers are happy and recommend us to their friends and families.

We have loyal base of customers using us to move within Hounslow, Twickenham and Richmond. We also serve all London boroughs , UK and Western Europe. Check us on Buzzmove and call us for competitive price and friendly customer service:



If you have glass cabinets or drawers here some tips how to move them securely without damages:
1.If the cabinet is big and has glass doors, take all doors off if possible and wrap them separately.The furniture must be emptied and do not forget to remove any shelves from inside.There must be no free moving objects inside.
2.If the doors or drawers  of the cabinet will stay and they have handles attached, take all handles off before wrapping the furniture.
3.Use a lot of bubble wrap to cover the item first.
4.Make a crate with a cardboard box around the item and secure it with a tape.
5.Take a soft blanket and wrap the item from all sides.Tape it securely and label it fragile.
6.Don`t forget to take all handles, screws and items taken out of the cabinet/drawer before you leave your old property.
7.Place the item between boxes or soft furniture inside the vehicle.
If you still do not want to risk it, call Movivan Removals to do it for you.We are experts in moving furniture and we are fully insured.

    piano move movivan

1.Put the lid down and lock it into place to reduce the possibility of damage to the keyboard during travel.
2.Lift the piano straight up, utilizing at least two people, depending upon the weight of the piano. Alternatively, two people can tip one of the short ends of the piano toward the ground, lifting the opposite end into the air. Take care to never support the weight of the piano on one or both of the thin front legs.
3.Place a four-wheeled dolly under the piano, using another person who is not involved in the lifting. Place it under the center of the piano and toward the rear, since there is more weight toward the back end than toward the front where the keys are. Set the piano onto the dolly, ensuring that you have it balanced so it won't fall when you let go.
4.Roll the piano toward the truck. Take care to stabilize the piano with your hands while going over any bumps or dips in the ground.
5.Pull the ramp out of your moving truck and lock it into place.
6.Position one person at the lead end of the piano to pull and guide the piano up the ramp. Two more people should be at the bottom end to push. This latter position will be the heavy end, so two strong people are necessary to push the upright piano up the ramp of your moving truck while the first person leads the way to the cargo area.
7.Move the piano to the side of the truck, with the back side of it facing the inside wall of the truck. If any damage occurs due to scraping against the wall, it will likely be confined to the back of the piano where it will not be seen.
8.Use your team lift strategy to either lift the piano or tip it to one side so one person can remove the dolly. Set the piano into place and secure it using cloth straps. Drive to your destination.
9.Remove the strap and lift the piano onto the dolly again when you arrive at your destination.
10.Move the upright piano to your ramp and carefully ease it down, remembering that the heavy end is facing down the incline. At least two people should be on this end to control the pace at which you move the piano down the ramp.
11.Transport the piano to its new home, position it in the proper location and lift or tip the piano to remove the dolly.
12.Take off any wrapping or padding after the piano is in place.
     If you are not confident you can do it yourself,give a call to Movivan Removals at 07711800358 and we will do it for you.Your piano will be safe and secure with us!



So, you have decided to purchase a trampoline and bounce up and down as high as you can. Before you enjoy this fun filled jumping contraption, you first have to assemble it yourself……

Check the Package First

The first thing you need to do is to check the package before you get all wrapped up in assembling the trampoline. Check in the box, or two boxes (it usually is delivered in two boxes), the materials by laying them out on the floor or the field with the checklist included in the manual for assembly. You do not want to start assembling the package with incomplete parts. If you find out that a bolt is missing in the middle of the assembly or when you are about to finish the assembly, I’m sure you would get as frustrated as a kid not having that ice cream on a hot summer day. So, first make sure that all parts are in the package.

The package should have the basic pieces: springs, metal legs, bars, jump pad and spring protector.

Also, make sure that you have the necessary tools to assembly your trampoline easier. Again, do not start without these tools, or tools which function the same as the ones listed below.

Tools likely needed:

  1. Phillips screw driver (It usually comes with the package) You can also use an electric drill to make assembly faster.
  2. A pulling device to pull the springs
  3. Rubber Mallet to install the springs properly.

If everything is in order and you have all necessary tools at hand then you are ready to assemble your trampoline!

Trampoline Assembly Instructions

  1. Lay the pieces out in a ring/circle. By laying out the pieces in a circle you get a feel of how big the trampoline is. Make sure that when you lay out the ring foundation of the trampoline you lay them out properly. Attach each part of the ring first before attaching the legs.
  2. Once the ring has been attached altogether, assemble the legs and attach them to the ring. For bigger trampolines make sure that the squares an on the outside of the ring. Also make sure the holes line up. Complete the process until you attach all the legs to the ring.
  1. Take the screws/bolts included and bolt them in their proper places. Make sure that each bolt is tightly locked in place to make sure that the trampoline is safe for you to use. Your foundation is now complete. Now, the tricky part begins.
  1. Once the ring is complete you can unroll the trampoline and lay it out on the ring. Attach the springs to the designated hooks on the jump pad first before attaching it to the metal ring. There is actually more than one way of attaching the trampoline to the metal ring. One way is to attach a hook to the jump pad and then to the metal ring. You can do this process going from left to right. You will have to use your pulling device and rubber mallet to properly install the springs on the metal. You will notice once the jump pad is more than halfway done, the trampoline gets tighter so you will have to pull the spring harder and pound in the hook on the metal ring with a rubber mallet. Go about this process until you finish everything.

Another way of attaching the jump pad to the metal ring is by attaching one first and then attaching the second one to its 12 o’clock, which is the exact opposite to where the first spring is. Then attach the third one to your 3 o’clock, then another to your 9 o’clock. Then you move on to your left or right doing the same process.

  1. Now that you are done with the tricky part, you have to install the spring protector. You just have to lay it out on the springs and find a section of the protector which has gaps. These gaps should be on the bars of the metal stand. Tie the spring protector firmly so as to prevent any injuries or scratches from them. Some spring protectors have Velcro and some have ropes. For spring protectors which have ropes, it is best to tie using a single tie method so that you can easily remove the protector during winter.

If you still do not have time to do it yourself or you want the removal company to do it for you,Movivan Removals will be more than happy to do it for you,so call us on 020 800 33 260 now!



Big house moves always come with surprises.Well, it wasn`t really a surprise, as our surveyor had already prepared our team, they had to move a baby grand piano.

It was a hot July day , but our best removals team worked effortlessly to make sure the job was done properly and all household furniture and boxes are delivered safe and secure.Our main concern was the lovely baby grand piano, which was carefully protected and strapped.

It took us 15 hours to deliver everything to our client`s new house and storage.You can check the feedback they left at Trustpilot



Making a decision which removal company to choose is difficult, as the competition is high.Our advice is when comparing the prices and services provided, it is always worth checking each company`s client reviews.

To get a good online feedback is hard to get, as once the move is complete clients want to forget the stressful day as quickly as possible. Movivan Removals wants to say THANK YOU to everyone who has left a feedback, as our moving teams are working hard on a daily basis to give their best in packing and moving.

To check our reviews, you can visit us at:

Removal Reviews                  Trustpilot               FreeIndex

Movivan Survey Brochure

Hey!Good news from Movivan moving team!We have our new brochures just delivered to our premises and we like them a lot.

If you are not sure about your move-how long and how much, our Moving Surveyor can come for a Free Home Survey.He will be able to give you all details about our company and how the move will be done.Need to know how much will cost?The surveyor can calculate it for you straight after viewing your property.Have any questions and need quick answer?We can answer all of them.

After the viewing is complete, our Surveyor will leave our lovely brochure, where you can find all contact details-phone numbers,e-mail and website.The surveyor will write a reference number,date of visit and his name.If you call us later on, use the reference number so we can find you quicker on our system.

Why don`t you give us a call now and book your Free Home Survey at 02080033260

If you still do not want to risk it, call Movivan Removals to do it for you.We are experts in moving furniture and we are fully insured.

London removal tips

Moving home or office always need planning and there are many things to do upfront.It is always a good idea to have a plan and everything written down on paper,as you might forget something.Here we have a few removal tips,before the removal day come.Leave the move to us and everything will be handled with care.

  • If you’re transporting a lot of possessions, we can visit your property and give you the right price and advises.
  • If you will pack the boxes yourself,start packing much earlier than you think you will need – it’s amazing how much time it takes to box things up and you want to ensure the removal team is not waiting around for you to finish putting things into boxes. After all, you’ll be paying for them to stand around.
  • Make sure to book your move well in advance,so you can have a peace of mind.
  • Keep us up to date of any likely changes to your completion date. If you cancel your move 24 hours before your date,you have to pay the full amount agreed(or minimum 2 hours if the job is on hourly rate basis).
  • If you have children and/or pets, one of the things you must not forget to do when moving is to guarantee the safety of your loved ones.Try to keep your kids and pets far from the moving action.Having a reliable caretaker might be a very good idea.
    • Remember to defrost your fridge and freezer no later than the day before your move.Kitchen appliances such as fridges, freezers or washing machines that contain water should be drained and allowed to dry before removal.
    • Think about parking well in advance (if you don’t have a car, you might have to organise parking permits). You will have to call your council couple of weeks in advance,as they might have time restrictions.For each van we will need minimum 2 parking spaces.
    • Advising your neighbours that a removal vehicle will be parked outside your home is also a good idea.
    • When loading and unloading the vehicle, it`s a good idea to have a friend or family member to keep an eye on your goods inside the van-thieves are always ready to act, if you give them an opportunity.
    • Once the vehicle is fully loaded, walk around the house to ensure all items have been moved and nothing is forgotten.
    • Once we get to your new home or office,we will need an access to start unloading.Waiting for the keys and access,might lead to extra charges.Plan it well and in advance. 
    • If your possessions are going into a storage facility,make sure you have a padlock upfront,so after we are done,you can lock your unit.
    • Don`t forget to leave us a review-one of the most important factors, which keeps good removal companies running.
 We pride ourselves for doing excellent job and providing the best service on the London market.If you need a man and van, small or big moves, dismantling and assembling, packing or/and unpacking and clearance, we are the right removal company for you. With prices starting at £45.00 per hour, we can beat any reasonable price given.

Give us a call on 020 800 33 260 or send us an email at with your details and request.We can calculate it over the phone or will send a surveyor to do a free home survey.If you have questions or need some advice, contact us and we will be glad to help.


020 800 33 260