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At Movivan Removals and Storage, we use only quality packing materials.All our boxes are double walled and made for professional movers.We have vast stock of different sizes in our base in Heston. We also supply spacious wardrobe boxes with rails for all your hanging clothes.For all range of products we supply check our materials list below.For any queries, you can always contact us at 020 800 33 260 or emails us at

If you prefer to pack everything yourselves, we can deliver the packing materials at your address at no extra cost(for orders over £ 30.00).Do not forget to label the boxes and especially which ones are fragile.It is very important for us to know, which boxes contain fragile items inside. Our main office is in Heston, near Heathrow. This gives us a great opportunity to be quick with all our packing materials deliveries around London.


Large box

Large boxes are strong and ideal for clothes, stereo and computer equipments, fragile items, linens

Dimensions: 18” x 18” x 18″

Price £2.50

large moving box provided by Movivan

Medium box

These boxes are ideal for books, CDs, DVDs, records

Dimensions: 18” x 12” x 12”

Price £2.00

medium professional boxes

Wardrobe box

Store your hanging clothes so they do not crumple. Each box comes with a hanging bar

Dimensions: 20”x 18”x 40”

Price £9.00

wardrobe boxes from Movivan

Packing tape

Dark brown packing tape

Dimensions:66 meters long x 50mm(2 inches) wide

Price £1.00

movivans packing tape

Bubble wrap

Ideal protection for electronic equipments, plates, small glass and mirrors

Dimensions:500mm Wide x 10m Long

Price £7.00

bubble wrap provided by Movivan

Packing paper

This pack contains approximately 100 sheets of packing paper. Great for packing breakables.

Price £5.00

Packing paper provided by Movivan

Removal blanket

Woven fabric blankets for your furniture protection

Price £5.00

Removal blankets from Movivan

Stretch wrap

Perfect for wrapping your furniture especially when it has to stay in storage

Price £5.00

stretch wrap from movivan

How Many Boxes Do You Need?

Same as the move itself, the number of the boxes is unique and vary.You might not want to take everything with you,so it is hard to say how many you will need.Through our moving experience, we came to certain numbers depending on the size of your home.It's always worth getting a few extra boxes. Don't worry, we'll take back the ones you don't use for free.

  • studio/bedsit - 10-15 boxes
  • 1 bedroom flat/house - 20-30 boxes
  • 2 bedroom flat/house - 35-45 boxes
  • 3 bedroom flat/house - 50-60 boxes
  • 4 bedroom flat/house - 70-80 boxes
  • 5 bedroom flat/house - 80 boxes+


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